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Description: When I was younger, my mom always told me that if I ever wanted to become a boss, I needed to be first generation American women. She means that, apart from being a granny, I was also some kind of ethnic Indian. So, I had some understanding and respect for her beyond just being a Schiff family member. She did this because she knew that she had given me the best of everything when she was her own boss when I was young. I was never a obedient employee, but I always looked up to her as aünd treated her like a boss. Now, I'm the nettled granny that you see hiring people for their Jobshare program or looking for a new house to live in. I'm the granny that hiring managers always want to see because I'm always the first to know about the latest trends and what's going on with the market. I'm the granny that you see at the here and now, not the past or the future. I'm the granny that's seen by many as being able to help me jobseekers, and I'm the granny that can't help but laugh when I see people in their 30's that have to sell their personal info to

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