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Description: "Shower Fuck with BBW Pressed Against Glass" Bet was a BBW full of curves and a love of pleasure. She stepped into the steamy shower and felt the warmth of the water cascading down her body. She leaned back against the glass and closed her eyes, feeling the water run down her chest and hips. Suddenly, Bet felt two hands grip her hips and a body pressing against hers. She opened her eyes to find her lover standing in front of her, his eyes filled with desire. His lips were on hers and his hands were exploring her curves. The steamy shower became more intense as their bodies moved together. His thrusts were fast and hard, pushing them both towards a passionate climax. Bet pressed her body against the glass as the pleasure coursed through her veins and her lover's body quivered with pleasure. When it was all over, Bet felt invigorated and content.

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