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Description: Rena Nagano is a sweet and innocent young girl. She has never been what you would call comfortable. She's never had to prove herself to anyone outside of her own family and them. She's always been a individual who knows her own power and is unafraid of it. That is until she meets Maiko Creampies. Maiko is a tight and kooky student at the local university. She's always up for trying new things and pushing her boundaries. She's not sure why she feels the need to bejolt Rena Nagano, the sweet and shy girl who is trying to figure out her life, but she is. She starts to 329 Worldwide through online dating, and ends up telling her own mind about the things that she's been scared of her whole life. And that's when Rena Nagano starts to change. She starts to be more open to the world and the people around her. She starts to see that Maiko is just like her, a individual who is searching for meaning in life. And that's when Rena Nagano starts toDrill Maiko Down Rena Nagano starts to discover that she is not alone in her need for excitement and excitement has always be found in the hearts

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