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Description: "Slim Mistress Slaps His Face and Abuses His Balls" The Russian Mistress stood before him in her lingerie, slim and petite. She motioned to him to come closer, her femdom power radiating from her. He obeyed, kneeling before her and offering his body as an act of submission. She smiled in pleasure, then began to abuse him. She slapped his face hard, then moved her hands to his balls, squeezing and twisting them with cruel pleasure. He gasped in pain and pleasure, his body caught in the moment. She then moved to bondage, tying him up and tormenting him with erotic pleasure. He surrendered completely to her, his body writhing in submission as she continued to abuse him. When she was done, she looked down at him with a satisfied smirk. He was her's now and she knew it.

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