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Description: It was a beautiful evening, and the Tango was ready for its next customer. As they all turned to leave the room, Maria Schneider walked up to them. "Can I help you with your Tango?" She asked. "We're sorry, Miss Schneider, we don't have any customers tonight. Are you sure you're available?" "Yes, I can be here in a few minutes," she said, and walked out of the room. The other dancers looked at each other, and one of the women said, "Dancing on point, these days." The other women agreed, and one of them said, "Let's get to know her better." As they walked out into the hallway, Maria Schneider group said, "Yes, whatever. She's always this and that.'s." The woman said, "She's always this and that. She's also a celebrity, and we're not sure how much we've changed since we last saw her." The other dancers said, "Oh, she's always this and that. She's a celebrity now, and we don't want to mess up her night." As they went out into the hallway,

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